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Terms and conditions

  1. Autopartsonline (Pty) Ltd <herein now refered to as the website>is a facilitor for our clients and mutilple auto parts vendors that make offers to clients purchasing auto parts on our website.
  2. The information presented after the client has made his informed selection of a part and searches for prices the website will display a specified or multiple vendors offers on the webpage " results of price search" (and not limited to) are the product code/part number, description of the part ,images,quantity, availability and delivery timings to ensure that the client makes an informed decision. For more information on how to place and order - refer to "To New Clients"on landing page of the website.
  3. In the unlikely event of a service query please contact or email - refer to website landing page for contact details.
  4. Products purchased by incorrect selection by the client on the website carries a "no return" policy.
  5. Goods that are received by the client damaged, incorrect item (item does not match the product code or part number ordered) or incorrect quantity can be returned for replacement providing client has endorsed the delivery documentation at the time of receiving delivery.
  6. Once goods have been accepted and the relevent receiving documentation has been signed by the client , change of ownership is affected.
  7. Orders that meet point.5 cannot be cancelled but will be replaced or corrected.
  8. Client order status will be communicated to the client via email or sms. 
  9. By confirming your order and making payment online you have agreed to these terms and conditions of the sale.





Work With us

  1. Different forms of cashless payment by EFT , Credit Cards and Debit Cards
  2. The chance to receive special offers for products

Online Store for free search of OEM catalogs with Schematics using your VIN Number to find auto parts prices, availability , pricing and place orders. Hasel free online shopping for auto parts from the comfort of your chair.